Students at Congregation Kol Ami attend the Daniel Rothman Consolidated School. The school is named in memory of Daniel Rothman, a young man from Kol Ami who died in 1992. He loved Jewish learning and his memory serves as a wonderful role model for our students.

Established as a consolidated school in 1993, it is the religious school for both congregations Kol Ami and Kneseth Israel in Annapolis.D.R.C.S. is overseen by a board comprised of members of each of these congregations, their rabbis, and the education director. This energetic hardworking group of people, along with teaching staff and parent involvement has created a positive, unified atmosphere in which children can grow as Jews.

 Our school's goal is to prepare Jewish children to take their place as active and knowledgeable members of the Jewish community.  Through their education, our students develop a solid foundation in the study of Jewish heritage and tradition. In order to accomplish these goals, a unique program has been developed which includes T'filah (prayer), Torah, Hebrew Languge, Jewish holidays, and culture. Students learn each element through a variety of settings: from individually to classroom to large group.  Judaism is experienced rather than just taught.  Monthly activity days bring the whole school together to explore different aspects of Judaism.  Field trips and family programs are an added dimension.

Involvement in religious school doesn't even stop at graduation. Graduating students come back to serve as classroom assistants and role models.

The Daniel Rothman Consolidated School continues to strive towards giving "religious school" a new, positive meaning and to be an asset to the Annapolis Jewish community, as well.

Kol Ami is a sponsoring congregation for the Aleph-Bet Jewish Day School.  Many Aleph-Bet students come from Kol Ami families.

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