Bid and proposal to change compressor in a General Electric/Trane/American Standard Heat pump or air conditioning unit.

    The compressor on your GE/Trane American Standard air conditioning or heat pump unit needs to be changed because the compressor motor has become electrically grounded to the case. While these compressors are one of the toughest ones in the industry seem to last forever they eventually fail hopefully later rather than sooner. Later being thirty years or more, sooner being at least 15 years and rarely less than 5 years.
    With some of the original General Electric units still in operation today these compressors have an impeccable track record. The compressors used in these units are a close copy of the european compressor Manurope division of Danfoss. The Manurope compressors have a reputation of being the very best that money can buy for a residential unit.
    While these compressors cost several hundred dollars more than a competitive compressor that can be substituted for the direct replacement. It will require an equal amount of re-piping and addition of a suction line accumulator that will more than offset the cost saving of using a standard compressor such as Tecumseh, Bristol, Copeland, or Carlyle (Carrier).
    The cost to replace this compressor on a typical unit (1.5 to 3 tons) is $875.00 within 15 miles of Fort Meade Maryland. This includes removal of the refrigerant and adding a liquid line filter dryer with activated charcoal to remove any moisture incurred during installation and removal of any acid left in the system from the electrical failure. A liquid line sight glass is included to show the presence of any moisture and allow the customer to see the level of refrigerant. If when testing the system it is discovered that the "burnout" condition caused an excessive amount of acid a suction line filter dryer will be required at added cost of $50 to prevent damaged to the motor windings of the new compressor and another "burnout".
    The factory wiring of these units is usually superb and rarely needs to be replaced. However as good practice the motor run capacitors will be replaced with the new compressor.
    To start work a deposit of $500.00 is required for materials and the balance of $375.00 upon completion of the work and a leak check of the refrigerant fittings.
    This work will be done in fair weather (daytime, temperature above 30 degrees F and no precipitation). If inclement weather should present itself during the job the unit will be secured to protect against moisture. The job will resume again when fair weather presents itself at no extra cost to the customer.
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