Spas and Hot tubs are miniature swimming pools with heat.

We can service or repair the pump,

filter and heating systems on your spa or hot tub.

Written by Scott Meenen N3SJH,

   The pump, filter and heating system of a spa or hot tub is the same as a swimming pool just a smaller tank. We can service all the mechanical and electrical components of your spa or hot tub as well as moving or relocating components.

    Many of the packaged spas or hot tubs have the mechanical components including the heaters located under the tub which is a real service "nightmare". We can locate the pump, filter and heater and other parts in a closet or basement where they can be easily serviced and there won't be the motor noise to deal with.

    If your factory pump, pump motor, filter or heater fail we can find generic replacement parts at more reasonable costs than the equipment a dealer will want to sell you.
     We will gladly service or repair your Blue ridge or Jacuzzi spa purchased at The Home Depot or Lowes.

    We can also heat your hot tub or spa with the waste heat from your air conditioner or connect a heat exchanger to your existing gas, propane or oil fired boiler.   We can even interface you system into solar collector or panels for free energy from the sun.

    For help on troubleshooting gas systems please follow this link.
To read about the aquatherm heater and it's problems please click here.
    Feel free to contact us by any of the means below.

Out of our area, here are some links to parts, more added as I check them out:

Spa support  and
The best site(s) I have found for finding parts or anything else you may need.

Spa parts depot.

Please let us know your favorite sites for parts and I will post them here.

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