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Updated Jan 1st 2001:

   My name is Scott Meenen I am a white male. I live in Laurel Maryland half-way between Baltimore Maryland and Washington DC.

   I work as a self employed mechanical contractor mostly servicing heating and air-conditioning systems but I have many other interests and abilities.

    My current interests include electronics, science, science fiction, computers (obviously), auto mechanics, machinery (old and new), antiques, auctions, architecture, music and recording, movies and film, radio (broadcasting), television, politics, law, and other interests that I haven't thought of yet.

    I like to take life as it comes and try to change it for the better. I understand that things don't always go the way we want but I try to make the best of it. I run my own business and while I am not rich I do ok for myself thanks to the internet and proper marketing.

    I try to stay healthy (I don't Smoke or drink). I am not a total vegetarian but have considered it,  I do eat some meat but try to keep it in moderation. My work tends to keep me in good shape.

    If I could live anywhere it would most likely be in a small town or outside a city where I could find a nice hill. I would have my own water system and solar electricity ( I have done it in the past already on a farm outside Annapolis Maryland). Some people find being self sufficient and prepared weird I think it is a major asset and good sense.

    I spend what some consider way too much time using my technical knowledge to help others do things or solve problems for them. I have made many people suspicious and or angry in the process. To those who I have upset by helping others sorry. To those who have lost business because I have stopped people from getting ripped off, screw you!

I am broadcasing form Westminster Md doing my weekly radio show.
Picture Of Scott Meenen N3SJH (Ham Radio Call Sign) I did weekly radio show "Cooltalk" in the past from studios in Westminster Md. The mixing console you see in this picture did not wire itself, I did. The device you see to the left of the console is called a "hybrid" which is used to put calls through the mixer and on the air. I connect the hybrid to my IP: phone 301-591-1646. I use the same device to do my interviews.

My get around car is a VW Quantum Turbo Diesel. Runs Great
This car is currently out of commission because of Image of my get around car is an 82 Volkswagen Quantum Turbo Diesel gets 40 Mpg. I brought this car back from the dead by repairing a whole bunch of things that needed fixing including changing the clutch, brakes, drive shafts, electrical problems, now it runs great.

(I like To be practical).
    I recently rebuilt the Bosch Diesel injection system and replaced the injectors. Which is a job most good mechanics would run from. At last check the car has over 260,000 miles on it.

    In July 2003 I replaced the clutch and started driving it again. While others were celebrating the 4th I was torquing bolts on the flywheel and transmission.

1986 Chevrolet GMC pickup work truck
Image of my work truck is an 86 Chevy 3/4 ton truck with all the tools I need to make any Mechanical repairs to just about anything that I run into. (I like to be prepared).

2005 A generous customer in Columbia Maryland rebuilds the engine in this truck after it cracked the left cylinder head and now it runs better than ever. I could use some more parts and services for my vehicles

Late (August) 2008 I converted the truck to run on Compressed Natural Gas see the pictures here on my Face Book Page
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Some of my favorite tv shows at this time are. The list would be longer but I don't have much time to watch T.V but what I do watch I remember pretty well.

  1. : Star Trek Voyager (I am sad that it is over but the new Enterprise is good)
  2. : The Simpsons. Political satire at it's best.
  3. : King of the Hill: I know people who act like that.
  4. : Law and Order (and Law and Order SVU and now Criminal intent). I am a crime junkie.

  5. : Nova: good
  6. : The New series Rough Science is really good and I recommend it as a learning tool.
  7. : Stargate SG1.
  8. : Star trek DS9 (my favorite episode is when they robbed the casino and the baseball game)
  9. : The Fugitive

  10. : CSI (The forensic stuff is great but the legal stuff is in the toilet but getting better.)
  11. : Crossing Jordan; Yes I watch just to look at Jill Hennessy, but the other characters are good too.
  12. : Special Unit 2 (funny). Gone.
  13. : The Lone Gunmen. Gone.
  14. : Boston Public   Web page with images of students faculty Gone.

   Some of my favorite radio shows and stations at this time are:
  1. : The Zoh Show Now Future talk. She seems to have lost her fire. She was going at warp speed now her Impulse engines are off-line and she is operating on maneuvering thrusters only. If she doesn't get her engines back on line soon she will be adrift. Please say a prayer!

    1. : The Ron Smith show WBAL 1090 AM
    2. : WRQX   107.3 Washington DC. I like main stream music
    3. : WASH   97.1  Washington DC. I like mainstream music.
    4. : WBIG   100.3 Washington DC. I like oldies
    5. : WTOP 103.5 Washington DC. I am a news junkie
    6. : WQSR  102.7 (Jack FM) Baltimore Maryland I like oldies
    7. : WLIF  101.9 Baltimore Maryland I like oldies

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