Outdoor reset sensor can help your

heat pump work better.

    An outdoor reset added to your thermostat can help your heat pump work better by adjusting the temperature of your house with the outside temperature.
     This feature can be added to the Honeywell Y594 Thermostat. It is easy if your thermostat only has a heat function since some of these thermostats will have a heat thermostat on the left and a cool on the right.
    The thermistor costs about $10 and  the heater is a 1K ohm resistor. With a little skill it can be added to your existing Y594 for about $1.
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Image of the honeywell C815A outdoor reset thermistor resistance curve. Notice the the "knee" of the curve is about 40 degrees F at 1000 ohms.

  1. Blower: usually a squirrel cage centrifugal air moving device. Will move large volumes of air relatively quiet. Will use less energy with more back pressure.
  2. Fan: a paddle type air moving device used where noise is not a major consideration. Will use more energy with more back pressure.
  3. Combustion blower: A blower used on high efficiency furnaces or oil burners to move combustion air. usually 1/20 to 1/6  horsepower.
  4. OEM: Original equipment manufacturer.
  5. Horsepower: 746 watts
  6. KW Kilowatt (1000 watts) or 3400 BTUs per hour
  7. RPM: revolutions per minute.
  8. Service factor: the extent to which a motor can be safely overloaded beyond its name plate ratting without over heating.
  9. Air over horsepower: The rating of a motor assuming air flow through the windings usually as a result of the air moving device.
  10. SAE: Society of Automotive Engineers.
  11. Ton 12,000 BTUs per hour of heating or cooling
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