Add a pilot relight Module

to your Gas Furnace

with a standard standing Pilot.

    If you have a furnace, boiler, pool heater, water heater, or other gas fired device with a standard standing pilot and you have nuisance problems with the pilot blowing out or where loosing the pilot could cause property damage. You should consider adding a pilot relight module. This is an electronic device that sparks the pilot with high voltage then stops sparking as long as flame is present. They are relatively inexpensive $70 + shipping and handling cost to $120 installed. If you have a pilot that is in a very difficult place to light they are well worth the cost. While this device will stop nuisance pilot outages they will not correct a malfunctioning system like a bad thermocouple or a bad gas valve.

    Installation is relatively easy. You mount the module where it will be protected from the weather and properly grounded then install the included electrode so it sparks the gas and lights the pilot reliably. Instructions are included in the kit. If you have a piezo ignigtor similar to what is used on a gas grill then you can put the module in place of the pizeo ignigtor and it should work. The module shown made by Robertshaw/Uniline operates on either 24 volts ac or 120 volts ac. It is almost identical to the device used in a modern gas stove to light the top burners.

Image of Robertshaw pilot relight module.
Click on the image to see a larger (640X480) image.

    This kit includes everything you need except wire. It has the relight module, electrode/flame sensor, mounting bracket, high voltage cable and instructions. This one operates on 24 or 120 volts ac. It is almost identical and could replace the device used on a gas stove top to light the burners.
You can buy this from the supply house links below or you can order one from us and we will be glad to ship one to you.

Please read this page that helps you identify which gas system you have.

Please view this page which has other images of an intermittent pilot system.
This page is a better explanation of how the mercury flame sensor system works.
If you need to set your heat anticipator you will need a clamp on ammeter.


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