Puron is the Biggest Scams to Hit the American Public Since the Money System.

Refrigerants also known as the Dupont name Freon have been removed from the market place by force with the argument that they destroy the ozone layer.
    The offending ingredient is supposedly chlorine. The only problem with that is unless you have the I.Q. of a cabbage you will quickly realize that there are other sources of chlorine on earth. Some are produced by man and the rest is produced by nature.
    The most common produced by man is the chlorine used by municipal water supplies to treat water. The second most common use is laundry bleach and pool Chlorine as well as manufacturing too many uses to name.
    Nature releases Chlorine all the time by volcanos and the oceans.
    So just do the math if the earth produces millions of tons of Chlorine and refrigerants a few thousand then nature must be producing the bulk of it.
    The other half of the scam is if Chlorine is so damn bad then why are we using it still for all uses except refrigerants. The truth is that the patents on many of the refrigerants have expired and in order to stop other manufactures from making it we must get the government to force manufactures to stop making it.
    The old refrigerants were developed to be perfect never breaking down or changing chemistry, except when exposed to water the refrigerants will immediately decompose.


Except for a few honest contractors like us and I do mean few. Every one except the consumer stands to benefit from this scam.
    Contractors stand to make billions retrofitting systems that would otherwise work fine. Contractors stand to make billions repairing leaks and replacing equipment damaged by the new refrigerants. Contractors stand to make billions charging to recover token amounts of refrigerant from systems that are being decommissioned or discarded ($80 is the going rate to unload the recovery unit even if just 1 ounce is recovered) . While others charge the customer for recovery and vent the refrigerant anyway.
    The new refrigerants are not as good as the old refrigerants and attack the equipment and require special oils. The old refrigerants will last indefinitely.

    The Solution

Be sure not to reelect your congressional members that voted for this scam (chances are they did). Don't believe that the people who won the Nobel Prize didn't get paid off by the chemical companies to do it. You can be absolutely sure that they use chlorine in their olympic size swimming pools (including Al Gore and George W Bush.).
    Write your members of congress and ask them to repeal this act, if they don't answer then you will know they are part of it.
    Don't hire contractors that recommend the use of puron equipment over R22. The fact that they are recommending it means that they are cashing in on your misinformation. Believe me they will give you the best song and dance how your perfectly good working equipment is going to hurt the environment while their pool and laundry chlorine won't.

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