Hot water heating and servicing by G&S Mechanical:

With emphasis on repair not replacement

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Specializing in Mechanical, Controls and Electrical Modifications Of
Heating, Air-conditioning, Refrigeration, Cold storage,
Ice Production and Food preservation. Anything having to do with Heat and Energy.
Serving MD, DC, and Northern VA.
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    Here at G&S Mechanical we can service, repair or improve your propane appliances whether they are gas logs, gas grills, gas fire-places, gas space heaters, furnaces, stoves, ranges or any other gas appliance.
    We can convert your natural gas devices to propane or your propane devices to natural gas.
    We can get parts and supplies for most gas appliances such as gas valves, pressure regulators, pilot assemblies, electronic modules (direct spark or intermittent pilot).
    For more information contact us.

Contact us by pager: 1-877-467-2914
Page us by e-mail 240Chrs max.
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