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    Written by Scott Meenen N3SJH,
        We can repair or service the mechanical portions of your swimming pool such as the pump, filter and heater. While we mainly service heating and air-conditioning, the components used by pools are similar to the equipment used by water cooled air-conditioning. If the pump, pump motor, filter or heater needs repairs or replacement. We can probably find generic components that are less costly than the items that your pool dealer will want to sell you.
    If you need your equipment moved or relocated such as moving the filter and heating equipment to a basement we can do that too.
    If you want to heat your pool we can do it with natural gas, propane, oil, solar, wood, coal, heat-pump, geothermal groundsource heatpump, air-conditioning waste heat, or a combination of these heat sources.
    For all your pool and mechanical repair needs please contact us by any of the means below.
 Scott N3SJH
Written By:  Scott Meenen N3SJH of:
Specializing in Mechanical, Controls and Electrical Modifications Of
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Ice Production and Food preservation. Anything having to do with Heat and Energy.
Serving MD, DC, and Northern VA.
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