Unlike most units that we work on
This unit definitely needs to be replaced
Lennox Air-Conditioning unit peed on by german shepard dog
This unit was peed on by a german shepherd dog for about 5 years.
   This unit is totally destroyed, even the bottom is rotted out to the point where the compressor will fall out.
The only thing that could have done more damage would have been a fire. According to other people in the trade this is the worst unit they have ever seen in their careers.
This unit was still running and did cool although the head pressure must have been as high as 450 psig..
Normal operating pressure would be about 225 psig..
This caused electric bills as high as $350 per month.
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Rusted American Standard Air-Conditioning Unit Circa 1970
This unit was ruined because the owner never ran it. 
 It was sitting in weeds and bushes that held in moisture causing the unit to rust to the point where the bottom started to fall out. 
 This unit died when the condenser fan motor failed and we couldn't replace the motor without having the unit fall apart. 
 The amount of electricity that it would have required to keep this unit from rusting was more than offset by the cost of replacing the unit. 
 To prevent this from happening to your unit. keep it clear of debris and weeds. Have your unit cleaned annually each spring. 
 Do not cover your unit with covers but a piece of plywood on top of the unit in fall (air conditioners only) will help.
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Image of birds nest in chimney flue of hot water heater vent. Restricting flue and causing danger of Carbon Monoxide (CO) poisoning.
This is a piece of flue pipe that was attached to a water heater and led to the main chimney flue on a system in Pasadena Maryland.  
The complaint was that debris from the flue system was falling on the burner and causing "flame roll out" staining the side of the heater tank and of course the flue pipe disintegrated. By having the flue obstructed like this there is the danger of CO (carbon monoxide) poisoning.
At first we thought the cause was a water leak in the chimney as evident by the red stains on the pipe.
Obviously this system had been off for a period of time or the bird would not have built a nest in the pipe with the pilot in the heater burning.
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