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With emphasis on repair not replacement

    We here at G&S Mechanical Services can Take care of all your sheet metal and duct-work needs. Whether you are installing a new furnace or renovating an old one.
     We can make just about any sheet metal modification to your hvac ( heating ventilation and air-conditioning) system we can add or improve air-conditioning, change a furnace, add an improved air filter (Media or Electrostatic: White Rodgers, Trion, Honeywell or Emerson Electric). Relocate an air filter from inside a furnace or heat pump to one external that can be changed easily, adding or improving duct work to areas of your building that have problems with air flow.

    If you are going to spend any amount of money on having your ducts cleaned, you are throwing it away if you do not have a good air filter installed afterwards. When I say a good air filter I mean a 4 inch media filter or an electronic air cleaner, not one of these fancy 1 inch filters that you buy at the store for $10-20 or sometimes more. A one inch filter will not do the job.

    We can handle just about any moderately sized projects from a simple filter relocation to a complete system for a small office buildings.

    Duct work can be low priced simple systems for residences or systems for radio stations or recording studios that must operate in total silence.

What ever your needs please feel free to contact us.
 Scott Meenen N3SJH.

Written By:  Scott Meenen N3SJH of:
Specializing in Mechanical, Controls and Electrical Modifications Of
Heating, Air-conditioning, Refrigeration, Cold storage,
Ice Production and Food preservation.
Anything having to do with Heat and Energy.
Serving MD, DC, and Northern VA.

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                 This text written by: Scott Meenen * G & S Mechanical

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