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Click here for our Air-conditioning repair fill out form.

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Heat pump systems, problems, questions and answers.
Heat pump service.

Trane heat pump thermostat wiring.

Ground source heatpump installation.

Geothermal heat pump with images.

Frequently Asked Questions and answers.

Electric furnace and fuses ratings and wire size.

Add an outdoor reset sensor to your Honeywell Y594 thermostat.

Heatpump defrost description.

Swimming pool heat, service and repair.
Pool heat.

Pool service and repair.

Free Heat for Your Pool.

Pool Directory.

Hot water.
Domestic Hot Water Improvement.

Free Hot Water.

Stuff related to
brand names of equipment.
History of the brand names.

Big carrier System.

Goodman janitrol Equipment.

Carrier Bryant leaking problem.

I like Rheem Ruud units.

Trane compressor bid.

General heating, information.
Glossary Of Terms.

Steam heat.

Thermostat facts.

Thermostat heat anticipator question.

Thermostat heat anticipator setting.

Millivolt Gas valve Thermostat Fix.

Control wiring colors.

Electric furnace trouble shooting.

Hot water hydronic heating.

Heating service.

Oil heating and oil burners.

Save money on oil heat with a heat pump.

Steam Heat.

New home service.

Sheet metal service.

More Questions And Answers.

Hermidifier home Humidifier.

One electric heater is as efficient as another.

Air conditioning, cooling problems, questions and answers.
Air-conditioning service homepage with more problem solving.

Problem solving page.

Air conditioning sizing

Myths wives tales and B.S.

Gas air conditioning.

Air conditioning compressor problems.

My air conditioner leaks.

My air conditioner freezes.

Air-conditioning service.

When do I need to replace my unit? 

Motor, Blower, Fan
Motor repair.

Fan and blower motor repair.

Motor start capacitor blows up.

Thermodisk thermostat fan limit.

A bad contactor will cause your unit to not run or shut off .

Motor Run Capacitor Test Chart.

Gas furnace gas appliance and other gas questions.
Combustion blower repair.

Gas furnace combustion blower repair with images.

Gas furnace repair.

Identify the parts of your gas furnace.

Propane Conversion and Service.

Flame sensor description.

Identify which gas system you have.

Cracked Heat exchanger questions and answers.

Alternative energy, solar energy and  backup power.
Wood stove hot water.

Solar energy.

Back up power.

Info To Prepare For Emergencies.

Solar hot water heating system.

Segal Solar Systems

Solar energy uses

Solar energy sitemap

Solar energy home uses

Link to a working rain water system.

Spa and hot tub.
Spa and hot tub service and repair.

Aquatherm heater.

Blue Ridge hot tub repair purchased at Lowes.

Miscellaneous stuff.
The truth about Freon 12 and Puron.

The truth about Puron.

Company Philosophy and Statement Of  Purpose.

Standard Quoted Prices.

Why you should choose us.

Strange things that we have found.

Walk in coolers and refrigeration.

For sale GE MR16 halogen Lamps.

About Scott Meenen.

List of Bids.

Appliance repair.
Ice Machine repair and service

Garbage Disposal service

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Pages by Forest Grauel:
Forest's Home page.

Trane compressor  system fix.

Flame sensor question.

Political Sign Scandal.

Pages By Richmond C. Laney:
Thermo-electricity 101.

Diesel fuel and kerosene 101.

Freon Floating and Atomic Weights.

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