Response to an e-mail about my Freon and Puron Pages

Thanks for taking the time to write, those pages on freon and puron were just
 something I wrote to see if the search engines would even pick them up and never
 in the top 30. or top 10. I am planning to rewrite those pages.

  I have been enlightened over the last few years from attending seminars on
 government every Saturday night and the first thing I learned was that nothing
 political happens by accident. In fact the person who said that gave me a whole
 load of  organic alternative refrigerant (Better World Technologies) that he
 didn't want in his building because the maryland legislature was pressured to
 make it illegal to install in cars. I found out why its because it works (that
 is what I use in my car and truck). I have been using 406A and it is ok but this
 stuff works better and doesn't leak.

  I have read many ravings by other contractors who bitch about the new
 refrigerants then go ahead and buy them. If they all boycotted Puron or 410A
 then at the phase out there would be no Puron equipment and the people would
 boot all the morons out of office. Its that simple.

   I would sell the Better world Technologies products but I all ready have
 people to do that. The only problem is it may be flammable under the right
 conditions. well so is the oil in the system and the gasoline in your car or
 truck. So no one wants to use it even if it does work great.

   When I started doing this stuff before all this hit I knew this day would come
 because it is too easy for the average person to work on their own stuff and
 refrigerants was too cheap. We can't have regular folks having access to this
 refrigerant stuff. I am waiting for the day when you can't buy any plumbing or
 electrical stuff at Home Depot or Lowes. The events of the last month may just
 do that.

   If you want to sell your products on my site feel free. I would like to see
 Carrier get a run for their money.
  Scott Meenen N3SJH
  With your blessing I will post this at

 Quoting Dave (email address removed at posters request):

 > You know we as mechanics in the field have to rely on the integrity of
 > our scientists....I remember taking my ozone certification coarse and I
 > thought to myself we have no other way to know....I am not the one
 > looking through the microscope. If they say our refrigerant is bad and
 > laws are passed then I guess it must be so....I had thought of what you
 > say about chlorine but if it is bad then we have to stop....If what you
 > say is true and what they say is true then we have a problem.....After
 > all all they have to ask is Is it ozone depleting...answer: yes! then
 > that's it....there is no gray area for you to turn to.....If you ask are
 > you doing this because your patent expired ? and they say yes! (they
 > never will) then you have an anti trust suit. wouldn't you? I do
 > consider myself an honest contractor...I just recently commissioned a
 > puron heat pump. worked ok  in my books. I did a good installation and
 > ran it through its paces....all was fine. I did not recommend it to him
 > but I knew he was very confused about the whole issue. I told him it was
 > quite simple....R22 was going to be discontinued...Puron has taken it's
 > place. I really don't know why they had to make such a radically
 > different refrigerant knowing we still have other choices that have
 > replaced R502. what was wrong with them? no changes to equipment needed
 > to be made and was more familiar to all us techs. any way I am with you
 > and it's like my teacher preached if you say something is garbage then
 > you should know how to do it better....if you can't then you need to
 > understand it more.....I am developing a new product for our industry at
 > this very moment. I say to you instead of all this non constructive
 > criticism why don't you do something about it....I have a wealth of
 > knowledge and Refrigeration / AC comes easy to me. I have a solution to
 > your could become the competition and put Carrier out of
 > business.......I am looking for people with balls to hit this industry
 > and make it something different. I am at this time going after the
 > Refrigeration industry with plans for the HVAC industry....All it takes
 > is a great Idea and Money!  By the way I am leaving the service industry
 > in the very near future to pursue my new passion. I have the idea and I
 > have  investors who believe.....I would like to make a dent in the
 > residential Heat pump/AC market and I have the Idea to achieve
 > will come but first things first.........Cheers...things are not as bad
 > as they appear........You can't change the world by complaining about
 > it. Can you?
 > The only way to show em is to expose em! I love this trade but my first
 > love was Rock & Roll and I was a rebel. I played all the great gigs in
 > Canada....I still play for fun and I am still a rebel.....


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