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News Update Tuesday May 4th 2004:

    I have posted a review of the Interview I did with Lisa Leuschner. My thanks to fans who have written a review of the interview. You can read that review and listen to the audio of the interview by clicking here. I wish her the very best and have confidence that she will go far on her own. I also want to thank her Mom and Aunt for their wonderful support and kind words to me, you are welcomed.

News update Wednesday April 07 2004:

    There is a very good possibility that I may be able to do an interview with Lisa Leuschner. I liked her and I understand that there are many fans out there who would have liked to seen her in the top 12 or at least sing in the Wild Card show. If you are a fan please email me with any questions that you might want her asked in an interview.

Updated Tuesday May 4th 2004:

Interview with Nicole Tieri a.k.a. Scooter Girl:

I did my interview with Nicole Tieri a.k.a. Scooter Girl. on Friday the 13th of February 2004 at 1 Pm Eastern Time. You can listen to the audio on Liberty feed Internet Radio. My sincere thanks to Nicole and the P.R department at Fox Television.

Image of Nicole Tieri a.k.a. Scooter Girl and  dedicated fans
Copyright© Public Domain.
Image of Nicole Tieri with devoted fans from  Long Meadow, Massachusetts:
From Left to Right Liz, Nicole Tieri, Jen and Rachel.
When she is on television she looks larger than life.


  News update Monday February 09 2004:

    I have put in an official and unofficial interview request for an interview with Nicole Tieri aka "Scooter girl". Without going into any exact details unlike my request for Kimberley Locke, I can say to an absolute certainty of 100% that she is aware of my request and is waiting for approval from Fox. I will post any future updates. Just for fun feel free to send me any questions that you would want asked. If it is appropriate I will post some here.


  I have recently exhausted all efforts to get an interview with Kimberly Locke including having delivered an invitation letter. The ball is "now in her court" the only thing I have not done is posted the letter open and asked the help of you fans, yet.

Update May 4th 2004:
    I am sure that the chances of me getting an interview with her now are between zero and nil. It has been over a year since I started putting in requests and even offered to promote her single 8th World Wonder. I will not post the results of that request but you can e-mail me or call if you want to know the details.

   Greetings everyone. This is Scott Meenen from  (an electronic online forum) Since April 17 2003 I have had the honor of doing several interviews with contestants of American Idol 2003. I have recorded the interviews into .WAV files and converted them to Windows .ASF . I have also posted the transcripts of two of these interviews on Liberty (an electronic online forum)  and will post more as time goes on. You can read the transcripts and listen to the Audio by following the links below.

    I really enjoy talking to the contestants, they seem to be the nicest people. The reason that I like to do interviews is for several reasons. First and obviously I am a real fan of the show and given the opportunity to talk to any of the contestants I would not pass it up. Second I want to do what I can to promote each contestants with the hopes that the added exposure here will help them in the future and finally having some experience in the talk radio world I know that there is absolutely no substitute for "first hand" knowledge. In other words you may think you know what someone is thinking but until you hear it from them it is just rumor. I have learned more about the show talking to the contestants than I ever could just watching the show. Some of it stays with me and will not get published (if you know what I mean).

    If you would like to see more interviews here and I know I would then I would ask that you contact the people responsible for making this happen and put in a good word for me. If they don't get any feedback positive or negative then they cannot keep granting me interviews and I don't feel right asking.
So please send some feedback.

    My next and ongoing endeavor is to interview Kimberly Locke if she is willing and the "forces of the Universe" fall into place, I will make an effort to secure and interview with her. I have been trying for a long time but due to the fact that she stayed on the show until the very end and then the Tour came up it has been impossible to get an interview with her, rest assured it wasn't for lack of trying. Once again some positive feedback to the contacts below would be a great help. However I would not turn down any opportunities to interview any other contestants as they become available.

Thank you again
Scott Meenen

Contact information:

BWR is their PR. firm that they hire to setup interviews during the Tour and other times.
          Los Angeles: B|W|R
         9100 Wilshire Blvd.
         Sixth Floor, West Tower
         Beverly Hills, CA 90212
         Tel: 310-550-7776
         Fax 310-550-1701
         Larry Winokur, Paul Baker
         Co-Chief Executive Officer
         Tel: 310-248-6137
         Fax: 310-550-1701

Fox television

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 Fri. Apr 18 2003:

American Idol Finalist Vanessa Olivarez
Copyright© No Challenge.

    Transcript of an interview with myself and Vanessa Olivarez. this is posted on Liberty Post News  and audio copies are available. Email me with requests.


Thursday May 29th 2003:

Image of Julia DeMato Click to read transcript. Image of her standing at the stairs to the stage.
Copyright© No Challenge.

I have just completed my interview with Julia Demato. Mirror page. I have posted the transcript (click on link) and released the audio copy (25 minutes). I must say for the record that contrary to what you may have heard, in my opinion she is a real sweetie.

Thank you Julia.
Scott Meenen


Wednesday July 23 2003:

Image of Candice Coleman of Toledo Ohio
Copyright© No Challenge.

Friday the 25th of June 2004:

    There are some new things happening with Candice Coleman.

    Here is a link to her MSN website.

I am keeping this space open to interview Kimberly Locke. I have been trying to get an interview since Winter 2003. If the powers that be are willing then this may happen. Wish me luck.


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