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I have started my review of the 2004 season
I think they are running out of talent. More to come

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Christmas week 2003:
It is now no secret that Julia Demato is engaged, congratulations Julia. It is also no secret that she is in negotiations with a record label. I will post more information as I get it. You can find more at Just-Julia.us


Tuesday December 2nd 2003:

I got a call today from the secretary where Libertypost.org is located to tell me that a package had arrived. I am expecting a package of radio spots from a political organization but nothing else in particular. So I asked "who is it from?" and she replied "A Candie Coleman from Toledo Ohio". So I am thinking ok Candie, oh Candice, she must have sent a demo of some kind! So I will check it out in the next few days and e-mail her a thank you. If I get permission I will play it on my streaming station. Thanks Candie (I mean Candice) and good luck on your endeavors.

Monday December 22nd 2003
Follow-up: I am now playing a demo clip of Candice Coleman titled "House of The Rising Sun". Everyday at 4PM Eastern Time on LibertyFeed.com. The only thing more fun than voting for your favorite contestant is actually playing their material on your streaming station to help promote them. A record company who will remain nameless refused to let me promote one of their clients who happens to be in the top 12 for 2003. If you figure it out, "oh well"...
Image of Candice Coleman of Toledo Ohio

Monday December 1st 2003:

I saw the Christmas Special, I thought the talent was great but maybe I was in a depressed mood, but the show reminded me of an infomercial for American Idol and their sponsors (too much crammed into too short a time). Kudos to the producers for letting Clay Aiken host it, I thought that he could do as good a job as anyone.
 I will watch it again when it airs or just watch the tape.

Thursday November 20th 2003:

Standby for some possible news on one of the top 12... That will appear here first...

She is looking at me Awwww...
Image of the lovely Kimberley Locke taken in Fredericksburg Va. I would just love to give her a big hug.

Friday September 29th 2003:

    I am just waking up after returning from the mini tour in Fredericksburg Va put on by King Enterprises. I want to thank them for letting me take pictures (all the fans took pictures too) and while I didn't get what I really came for (interviews) I did get the next best thing. I had the honor of meeting face to face the incredible Kimberly Locke but no pictures to prove it other than close-ups that I took of others meeting her. Anyway I want to state for the record that in the few moments I got to talk to her she is the one of the nicest people you would ever want to meet and looks much better in person than on TV by far and she looks damn good on TV..

    I also had the pleasure of talking briefly to Kimberly Caldwell. She seems so nice and asked me some questions too, which was very nice of her. I have pictures of her from the Tour in Richmond Va on this link. She was making a great effort to sign autographs for the fans.

    I also talked briefly with Rickey Smith and learned that the "Hercules" routine is from the movie "The Nutty Professor".

    I did not see Julia Demato afterwards but Corey Clark was having fun with the fans. It is good to see him back in operation.

    With all that said I feel the need to remind anyone reading this that while as a member of the press, which simply means that I am a guest of the promoter, I have a lot of responsibilities and restrictions. While fans can shoot video and most likely have done audio recording I am limited to stills and I have to stay out of the way of the guests and while I was able to meet the talent it was on a very limited basis.
All in all this is a very stressful job that most people would not tolerate very long. I covered this event, and the 2 Tour Venues in Washington dc and Richmond Virginia and today like then I was quite sick afterward, one of my family members said I looked pale and drained. It is a lot of work and now I have to go through all those images and distribute them and still work my regular jobs.


Friday September 5th 2003:

I will be posting all the images I have featuring Kimberly Locke on a fan site run by Danny Lynch of Arkansas. You can visit the site at http://www.kimlockefans.com I will also make available my story I am writing of my adventures at the MCI Center in Washington DC and the Richmond Coliseum in Richmond Virginia. Read other Tour stories and send your own.

Fans take note: On Sunday the 28th of September: Kimberly Locke, Kimberly Caldwell, Julia DeMato, Rickey Smith and Corey Clark will be appearing at the Fredericksburg Fairgrounds in Fredericksburg Virginia. There are only 300 seats available and they are going very fast, however at last check there are still tickets available. Secure your tickets by following this link. Which takes you to a website run by Motivation King. Please tell them that you saw it here!

Keep in mind that while they will not have the fantastic special effects that they had on the Tour. What I predict that you will see is the Idols have all the experience and practice from being on the Tour but they will be fully rested after a month off. This should be quite a show.

Tuesday August 26th 2003:

I have pulled the audio copy of the interview I did with Candice Coleman until further notice. E-mail me if you need details. I wrote last night that I would not do this but I have made an arbitrary decision based on a recent sequence of events which I cannot publish openly. If more strange things happen I may remove all evidence that I have ever made contact with the contestants.


Friday August 15th 2003:

    Important Message:

    I am getting word from different sources (the phrase is: "it is getting back to me") that It is mis-understood why I have this page and other related pages dealing with American Idol. I will issue a statement shortly but for now here it is: I am a huge fan of the show, I like most of the contestants and think that they are some of the nicest people around and I would do anything I can from here to help them out  using my technical knowledge with promotion or just good PR. I have no problem promoting the TV show and the tour. The people at BWR (their PR company) and 19 Entertainment have been very kind with granting interviews in the past and Photo-Opps at the Tour when it was in my area, I thank them. However If I am to continue this, then they need to hear some positive feedback from you the reader if people like me are to keep doing stories and interviews (I will post e-mail addresses shortly). I will make it no secret that I make information available here and on Libertypost.org (an electronic on line forum). I need to post my articles and interviews on my own pages as well at Liberty post.org  or search engines like Google cannot pick them up due to technical problems with Google and CGI. I also need it to be known that I neither get nor want any compensation for doing this service other than the privilege of meeting (a few by phone and a few in person) the contestants and helping to promote them now and in the future. I have in the past criticized the Participants on the show and the Judges and I feel I would be trying to "re write history" if I edit that stuff out of this page to appease (there are other words for it) contestants that I may want to interview or want to be on their good side.

I hope to be of continued service to the staff and management at American Idol and the contestants. I will move this information to another page very shortly.

Contact information:

Los Angeles: B|W|R
         9100 Wilshire Blvd.
         Sixth Floor, West Tower
         Beverly Hills, CA 90212
         Tel: 310-550-7776
         Fax 310-550-1701
         Larry Winokur, Paul Baker
         Co-Chief Executive Officer
         Tel: 310-248-6137
         Fax: 310-550-1701
         lwinokur@bwr-la.com pbaker@bwr-la.com

Fox television  mailto:askfox@fox.com

19 Entertainment

Scott Meenen
Friday August 15 2003

Wednesday August 6th 2003:

Kimberly Caldwell Signs Autographs at the Richmond Va TourHer T-Shirt reads Everyone loves An Irish Girl
These images are Copyright© at Common Law by Scott Meenen.
Please do not link to the images or repost without permission, which I will gladly grant if you ask nice.
Copyright is very strictly enforced.

Wednesday September 3rd 2003:
In a gesture of good faith I took all the images I had featuring Kimberly Caldwell including one from another photographer and mailed them to her parents in Katy TX. (I assume she is busy making rounds and may not see this for some time) .

    I just got back from the Tour in Richmond Virginia. I got a lot of good pictures, met Julia Demato and Ricky Smith, got some real good close-ups of Kimberly Caldwell (I didn't realize how small she is, TV makes her look bigger). She was running up and down this wall like a mouse catching whatever people would give her to sign. At one point she yelled "the pen doesn't work" so I threw her the marker out of my tool bag. Since the busses would leave at any time she had just so long to sign autographs. I think it is so neat to see her up front with the fans.

Message to Kimberly Caldwell: You look so different in these photos (compliment intended). That was really nice of you to sign as many autographs as you could in the short time you had. If you have any compliments or gripes please let me know.

Note: I have these images in much better quality. I will post them once I get some feedback good or bad.

I wish I had Pictures like this of all the Idols but there is only so much time and they all didn't come out, you can't have everything.

Much more to come...

Monday July 28th 2003:

I just got back from the American Idol Tour at the MCI Center in Washington DC. The Idols worked their butts off. I will have a report shortly. To the Idols: Bravo!!!

Wednesday July 23 2003:

Image of Candice Coleman of Toledo Ohio
Copyright© No Challenge.

I have just completed my interview with Candice Coleman. All I can say is "Wow!!!". She is quite a handful. Tuesday August 26 2003: I have pulled the Audio until further notice.

Monday July 21 2003:

I have been looking for Katherine Edmonson of Austin Tx (the gal who sang "Fever" by Doris Day) since the time she was shown on the auditions. Today I had the honor of spending over 2 hours on the phone with her (WOW!!!), with more to come, hopefully. To anyone who wants to find a contestant. It is just a matter of knowing who to contact and when. E-mail me if you have any questions. No I will not give out any privileged information but I can tell you how to contact the appropriate department.

Note: Any information I may get from talking on the phone to contestants that is not posted in a transcribed interview is strictly "off the record" and will not be shared other than the fact that I have made contact.

To Katherine: I know you will read this page again. I want to publicly thank you for being so nice and polite. I know that fame and fortune will find you when you least expect it and sometimes certain favorable events have a way of happening at just the right time.

Scott Meenen

Monday July 21 2003:

Things are looking promising to interview the contestants when they come to the MCI center in Washington DC for the Tour. E-mail me with any questions. Didn't happen, oh well...

Friday July 18 2003:

   If all goes well I will be doing and interview with Candice Coleman on Wednesday the 23rd of July. Please send any questions. She is quite the no-nonsense gal which I am quite surprised. I already spent well over an hour (more time than Vanessa Olivarez and Julia DeMato combined TWICE!!!) with her on the phone off the record. If you saw the images of her and listened to her sing you would never imagine the feisty personality that goes with this little package. I am actually nervous.

Note: Any information I may get from talking on the phone to contestants that is not posted in a transcribed interview or Audio is strictly "off the record" and will not be shared other than the fact that I have made contact.


Thursday May 29th 2003:

Image of Julia DeMato Click to read transcript. Image of her standing at the stairs to the stage.
Copyright© No Challenge.

I have just completed my interview with Julia Demato. Mirror page. I have posted the transcript (click on link) and released the audio copy (25 minutes). I must say for the record that contrary to what you may have heard, in my opinion she is a real sweetie.

Thank you Julia.
Scott Meenen

Thursday May 29th 2003:

    I am scheduled to do an interview with Julia Demato. Please send any questions that you would like to ask her (keep it clean).

 Wed. May 21 2003:

    Ruben Studdard is the new American Idol voted in over Clay Aiken by an unknown margin. This concludes the 2003 season of American idol but opens the door for the 40 city tour which starts in July. You will be seeing more of some contestants than others and hopefully some of the hopefuls from this season try again next year (auditions start in October).
    I can't help but wonder: If 15,000 tried out in season one and 70,000 showed up for this season then will 250,000 (one quarter million) show up next time.

 Wed. May 14 2003:

    Kimberly Locke got voted off as the normal process of the program (3 out of 70,000 ain't bad!!!). Fox has been very tight about any voting results but this time Ryan released that the maximum deviation in the votes was 4% and that there is a 2% margin between Clay and Ruben. So it is anyone's call who will win.
    In the spirit of Simon "I am not being mean" but at this point I believe it doesn't much matter who wins. For example say Ruben wins he will get all the perks of the show. Guest judge Neil Sadaka promised Clay he would help him with his first album. Kimberly Locke is so damn good that there must be hundreds of record producers and talent scouts just waiting. I would pay just to have an authentic live recording of her singing in a studio (the sound that comes out of your T.V. bears little resemblance to the original audio).
    I watched the clips of her doing radio interviews and thought what I wouldn't give to be in one of those studios with a DAT. (Digital Audio Tape) running.
    Next week will be awesome and don't forget the upcoming tour.

 Tue. May 13 2003:

    I watched the show tonight. Kimberly Locke and Clay Aiken are doing so well and fighting so hard that I believe it is anyone's call who will be in the Finale next week and who will win. They were all excellent tonight!

Mon. May 12 2003:

    I have released the audio copy of my interview with Vanessa. Click here to go to the page with the link. Enjoy!
    Heads up!!! I possibly have the opportunity to do; not one, not two, but three more interviews and that doesn't count one local contestant who made it to the final 234. Please send any questions you may have. Hint: depending on who gets voted of Wednesday it could be sooner than later, and I believe there is a tour coming up. Check back for details.

Wed. May 7 2003:

    They are running out of contestants. Joshua gets to go home (he looked relieved). Kimberly Locke is hanging in 3rd place with Ruben and Clay fighting to win. I predict that unless the show's demographic changes next week Kimberly will go home knowing that she did fantastic ("you go girl"). Last night she said something to the effect that "sometimes ordinary is a good thing" I think I understand. It is her ordinariness (not sure if that is a word) that is so attractive. I am praying for another interview... Stand by for details.
    I noticed in the front row: Kimberly Caldwell, Charles Grigsby and Rickey Smith. I can picture Kimberly Caldwell doing action movies.

Wed. Apr 30 2003:

    The order of the Universe is upset!!! Ruben Studdard ended up in the bottom 2 out of 5! My money was on Josh Gracin to get the boot or Trenyce to go (she did) with him right behind her. I have several theories how this could happen.
  1. Technical problems didn't count Ruben's votes.
  2. All the military people in the country voted for Josh.
  3. As hinted by Ryan Seacrest: The people who like Ruben didn't bother to vote thinking he was safe. I will add, the fans of the Underdogs; Kimberly Locke (sweetie), Clay Aiken and Josh Gracin, voted like crazy to keep them in. You should have seen the look on Simon's face. I thought he was going to puke!!!

 Fri. Apr 25 2003:

    I have posted my interview with Vanessa On Libertypost.org . We need some comments because the discussion is being dominated by the Dixie Chick's doings. To anyone thinking about getting into the entertainment business: Think twice before you start pushing your political view unless you have a very strong fan base to back it up. The Dixie Chicks have suffered a lot for their comments and some evil radio hosts have encouraged people to dispose of their collections.

 Wed. Apr 23 2003:

    Carmen is voted off mainly because they are running out of contestants and she is not quite what America is looking for but she is great in those commercials that they shot. I predict that the next one out will be Josh or Trenyce. A few times I thought Kimberly Locke would go a few times but she could be number 2 and if the order of the Universe changes she could win.

Fri. Apr 18 2003:

American Idol Finalist Vanessa Olivarez
Copyright© No Challenge.

    Transcript of an interview with myself and Vanessa Olivarez. this is posted on Liberty Post News  and audio copies are available. Email me with requests.

Wed. Apr 16 2003:

    Kimberly Caldwell is voted off the show. Once again I suspect it is because she doesn't fit the demographic of the majority of the audience and with Ruben and Clay getting 90% of the votes it doesn't take much to upset the balance. Fox is very secretive about the voting results other than what you see on the show but I would take a good guess that it is a very steep curve with favor to Ruben and Clay.

Tue. Apr. 15 2003:

    Simon is really being Simon. Carmen messed up her song Randy, Paula and Smoky Robinson (guest judge) said "you blew it". Simon had to add insult to insult by telling Carmen that she was acting like a little kid and should shut up and Randy encouraged him (shame on you Randy). Randy you have your moments I must say, Simon give it a rest, just for once pretend that she was your daughter or sister if you can.

    The competition is tough and grueling enough and the contestants don't need to be reminded that they screwed up, they know it. Maybe Carmen is too young for this competition but all in all she can perform very well.

Wed. Apr 16 2003:

     At 1:pm edt I had the honor of doing a phone interview with Vanessa Olivarez while she was running on the streets of NY. to go see a production of "Hairspray". I will transcribe the conversation ASAP and place a link to it and post the audio version once I edit the levels and convert it to an .ASF format, this is for real, send me questions if you have any. Vanessa is scheduled to appear at the St. Charles Towne Ctr. Sat April 19 1-5pm 11110 Mall Circle in Waldorf, MD 20603. E-mail me if you need details. Giving credit where credit is due I want to publicly thank the good people at Fox for this privilege.

Apr. 11 2003:

    I may write a review of this weeks show. I loved the Ford Mustang Commercial with Ruben and Carmen, I thought that was the best part of the whole show, Carmen was cute like a mouse and Ruben was this big "lumbering dude". Unless the order of the universe changes I expect Ruben to win.

    Ricky Smith was eliminated this week I don't think it was due to his hat even though it was "awful" according to Simon. From here out I contend that the rest that are eliminated because their style or presentation doesn't fit the demographic of the voting audience and not because they are bad singers.

Apr. 7 2003 Update:

    I am releasing this e-mail I sent to Frenchie Davis back in February 6th. 2003. While the door to the competition was slammed shut other doors have been opened wide in the process, Fox may have done her a big favor. Things have a way of working out when you least expect it or as someone once said "sometimes life's little setbacks are just what we need to move ahead". After reading my previous rants I realized that things may turn out ok, I wish you Godspeed Frenchie!!!

Apr. 1 2003 Update:

    I never expected anyone would find this page but like the contestants singing ability it is now in "the cards" for people like you to find this site, welcome everyone.

    A lot has happened since I last updated this page. Frenchie Davis now has a career (I think) with Entertainment Tonight, Candice Coleman is performing her little heart out in Ohio and the big news today April 1 2003 is that Corey Clark got the boot for something he tried to keep secret from the producers.

    Message to Corey: Get your life straightened out and keep your "nose clean". With that said: I personally know people who have had their lives ruined because the were either convicted of a crime they didn't commit or of a non crime. Corey: I can't give legal advice but if it was my situation I would have let the authorities do whatever they were going to do and then sue them in Civil Court. To anyone with questions about this please email me.

    I have some shocking news for anyone thinking of performing or seeking a public position, there are sick people in this world who will find dirt on you and sit on it for as long as it takes and spring it on you when the time is ripe. Just as the contest gets moving and someone decides to dump this bomb not only does it mess up things for the contestants but it "throws a wrench in the works" as far as the producers are concerned because now they must keep the contestants that would have been voted off on Tuesday April 1st one more week or the whole operation would have been "thrown out of whack".

    I also write news articles for this alternative news source http://www.libertypost.org keep a look out for Idol related surprises to appear in the Humor section.

    Message to Simon: After watching tonight (Tuesday April 1st.) I am getting the impression that you are looking more for marketability than singing ability. I am thinking of putting a survey up where guests vote on the order that the contestants should be in based on whether or not we would have to watch them all the time or never see them, I bet the answers will be very different or America may not care as much as you do about "Apparent Marketability". I get the impression that you are not a big disco fan, I thought the show was a lot of fun, you can be such a "party-pooper". I understand you are funding the winner of the competition to do whatever it is that you will do after the series is over but consider that the acid test of marketability is how America Votes and the reaction of the audience. If you wish to argue be my guest.

    Is it my imagination or does the group singing together make for a much better show than the performers individually? Every time I see the group performing together the first thing that comes to mind is "someone has been holding out on us". I would love to hear all the group songs produced into an album. I think it would really sell.

More to come...

Feb. 12 2003 News Flash!!!

Frenchie Davis disqualified from American Idol. Full details not available!

    I am sickened... Please go to this petition and sign to let the powers that be at Fox know that America is ready for a Big Black Gal with a big heart who can sing. The good news is that 19 Entertainment recognizes her talent and is not going to let her get away.

    Just for the record I am a hard working single white guy who thinks the little white gals are so cute and cuddly but still want to see Frenchie win and Kimberly Locke to join her. Maybe this way Kimberly Locke can win and Frenchie can join her and turn the industry upside down.

    If I had known what I know now I would have matched the $250 that her classmates raised to send her to New. York. You hear that Fox.

    On another note: Message to Simon: I agree with everything you have said so far in fact it is quite entertaining and well deserved, but how dare you say anything bad about Kimberly Locke,  I have never met her but you will see me singing her praises every chance I get. You must have woken up on the wrong side of the world that day.

One of many messages to Kimberly Locke: My money is on you to win or be a close second.

   Feb. 13 2003:
    On a personal peeve: I want to express my outrage to the executives at Fox and 19 Entertainment for the untimely removal of favored Howard University Student Frenchie (Frenchila according to HU. records) Davis from the program American Idol. I believe the media is trying to force the public not to accept people for who they really are and trying to tell the public what we want to see in a person. If Fox is our moral compass then this country as a ship is sunk.
    I did not watch the show last season but this season I have been rooting for her all the way. Despite some problems in her past she seems to have moral fiber above and beyond all the other contestants.
    As a single white guy I want the world to know I am rooting for the big black gal.  Also congratulations to Kimberly Locke of Nashville (Gallatin) Tn. for making it to the top 10, I love you too...

  Jan 30 2003:  Greeting all. While most guys I know are watching Football and Drinking beer. Here I am watching tapes of American Idol. I am Fascinated by the process of taking 50-70,000 contestants and narrowing it down to 1 but in the process I am sure that the ones that don't make it to the top 10 will find plenty of opportunity. I understand that this show is a favorite among people in the entertainment industry.
    I make it no secret that I  love to watch and listen to women sing and have a soft place in my heart for anyone who can start from nothing and take what talent they have and make something out of themselves with it (I hope I said that right).
    I believe that "talent" is something that you are born with and "skill" is what you aquire. These gals definitely have talent, some more than others.

Scott Meenen
Laurel Maryland

Jan 28 2003:  I am fascinated by American Idol  and the elimination process from 70,000 down to 1. I am overwhelmed by the numbers of contestants and I love to hear Simon's blunt comments, thank you Simon! To Frenchie Davis of Washington DC. I think you could put Whitney Houston to shame if you sing "I have Nothing".   I love the Two big gals from Texas with the big voices Kimberly Caldwell (sp) and My Favorite Katherine Edmonson (sp) of Austin who sang the Doris Day rendition of "Fever"[707KB] (Right Click:Save as Play in Windows Media Player or Winamp or try this link), thank you.
Jan 30 2003: Message to Katherine Edmonson I am sorry to hear that you didn't make it. Rest assured that millions of people saw you and hopefully someone will contact you to make sure that your talent was not lost and I thought you were extremely polite. With today's technology and some help you could put together some of your own work and publish it at a very reasonable cost. Send me e-mail if you want to learn more. If you should ever read this I would like to do an interview.

June 23 2003: To Katherine Edmonson wherever you are: I have been contacted by a music writer who wants to find you to help you with a career. I would still like to do an interview. To anyone out there who knows where she is. I want to talk to you.
July 21 2003: This may change very soon in a big way... Later on Monday July 21st 2003 I spent over 2 hours talking to her. WOW!!!

Feb. 07 2003: To anyone who is interested: With today's computers and some knowledge you can record and publish your own music if you give it a try and seek the help of someone with some technical expertise. Send me email: if you have questions.

    Simon Cowell Tells It Like it Is. You tell em Simon
    Copyright© No Challenge.
    Image of Simon Cowell: Telling it like it is...
    I happened to watch Star Search on CBS, while the contestants were good and sang real well I though the whole show was to "sterile". American Idol is much more realistic and down to earth. I have worn out parts of the tape watching clips over and over. Good job Fox.

    Message to Fox: What happened to the elimination round of the 200+ contestants. Did you not make a show about that?
I would be curious to know how that part worked. It seemed like such a waste of money and broken dreams to fly all those contestants to LA just to show them leaving on the bus.

    Jan 30 2003: I watched the elimination round and was disappointed with the lack of co-operation between certain contestants when it was so critical. I am disappointed but not surprised by a few of the guys going out for a "night on the town" and blowing the competition the next day.

     I was blown away by Frenchie Davis from Washington Dc and Howard University and Kimberly Locke of Nashville Tn. singing their rendition of "Band Of Gold". [409 kb] (60 seconds) The sound is distorted because the sound tech did not anticipate the strong voices of these two gals and not because I had the recording level too high, the image on the oscilloscope looked good. At the 7.25 second mark on the clip when Kimberly sings "Now that you're gone" it sounds like the words just explode out of her. You rock girls!!! I love you both!

Message To Frenchie Davis: I think that if you are not the next American Idol you will have a singing career waiting for you when it is over. I want to be first in line to buy a copy of your first release. If you need help with promoting it let me know.

Message to Kimberly Locke: My mom loves you... I believe that if you team up with Frenchie you can become the next Pointer Sisters. I would love to hear you two sing "Heaven Must Have Sent You" and "I'M so excited".


Jan 30 2003  edited Mar 19 2003 "My Picks so far:

  1. & Frenchie Davis!
  2. Kimberly Locke!
  3. The two of you together would make a dream team!!!
  4. This space intentionally left blank.
  5. This space intentionally left blank
  6. Kimberly Caldwell. I think you will be in movies. Mar 24: I liked the Ford Mustang commercial, it was so cool. You make the perfect bad girl and Joshua made the perfect guy.
  7. Julia Demato.* Mid March: I don't think you will make it based on current results. Mar.24-25 2003: She is eliminated from the competition.
  8. Vanessa Olivarez. I think you will be doing stand up comedy or acting. I can picture you hosting "Saturday Night Live". More to come... *
  9. Candice Coleman.* I read your bio. You are very honorable.  I wish you the very best.
  10. Nasheka Siddall.*
*=Eliminated from competition.
&=Disqualified from competition
More to come...

Feb. 1st 2003: Guys:
  1. Ruben Studdard: I am not a fan of the garb but man can you sing.
  2. Clay Aiken "Where does that voice come from, dude?"
  3. Rickey Smith*: Your Michael Jackson rendition of  was awesome! Better than Michael.
  4. Patrick Lake*: I wish I could hire you to be a production manager when you are not singing.
More to come...

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