Another Comment of the Freon Puron Scam

You are absolutely correct in your comments about the scam of these freon mfg. claiming that the existing refrigerants are causing problems with the environment am a pipifitter service mechanic, and have been in this line of work for over twenty years. I have been accustomed to servicing a/c systems using R22-12- 502 ect. These manufacturers know very well that there is nothing wrong with using these refrigerants. I once worked at a facility where they filled aerosol cans with refrigerant as a propellant. Each time they would switch there product to another line, they would have to use a different propellant. Guess what happened to the thousands of pounds of R22 that they still had in their piping. They had to blow this stuff into the atmosphere to clear the line. Would it be cheaper to switch propellants. You bet.

lets blame the a/c contractors, because it is causing ozone problems. Meanwhile we will make a new product, charge more money, and continue to release this stuff.

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