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On Saturdays from 4-6 pm Eastern time.
G&S Mechanical Services presents "Cool talk with Scott Meenen".

    A two hour internet call in show where we discuss the finer points of heating, air conditioning and other related topics. Including the care and feeding of your equipment, basic troubleshooting and when to replace equipment versus repair. If you have questions about your equipment then this is the time to call in and ask. The call in number for this broadcast will be 301-591-1646. If you have questions please call in with them. 

One of our other sponsors is written by Eric Arnum.
Read a fascinating article about HVAC warranty allocations in which I am quoted.
If you always wanted to know Who is Who is hvac this will answer your questions.

You can hear the live broadcast by clicking on this link which will open up your Windows Media player and display all the pertinent information. Other active programming should be present at all times on this same feed.

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The connection will always be active with other programming proceeding and following my program. Archives are available below.

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There is over half a days worth of material here. Enjoy.

More than 24 hours worth of archives avaliable here.

4 half hour segments from July 27th 2003.

Charging questions 1.
Charging questions 2.
Charging questions 3.
Compressor Starting questions 4.

4 half hour segments from July 19th 2003.

Indoor coil icing 1
Indoor coil icing 2
Indoor coil icing 3
Indoor coil icing 4

4 half hour segments from July 12th 2003.

General problems 1
General problems 2
General problems 3
General problems 4

4 half hour segments from July 5th 2003.


3 half hour segments from June 21 2003.

High voltage problems.

Contactor problems.

General Problems.

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Gas burner question form.

Oil Burner Question Form.

General Heating Fill out form.

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