Mar 2007:
    The best way to reach us is to call 301-591-1646 between 10 am Eastern and Midnight (try later). I purposely don't answer calls before 10 am for the simple reason that I am just getting up and can't carry on an intelegent conversation having just woken up.  We are in the service business, not the "how early in the day can I answer the phone business".

    Spring is comming and now is the best time to have your equipment serviced and make any upgrades or changes.

This page will be updated...

    I now have several e-mail addresses including partners and myself. I have fill out forms to help you send your question, Instant messenger service AOL Instant Messenger: n3sjh
add to buddy list.

    The simplest and most reliable is e-mail, however I can't spend the rest of my life writing the same answer to the same question, so I have web pages to answer common questions. However I do read each and every e-mail that is sent to me and I am grateful for the thousands of e-mails I have received over the years and hope more are on the way from all parts of the country. Once you have e-mailed us please follow up with a phone call.

    If you are requesting service please send an e-mail with your directions AND phone number(s) in the same message, include the word "directions" in the subject line. This is the only way I can recover your information with a search. You will not believe how many people do not like to send both directions and phone numbers in the same message.

    Please work with us to see that we get to you in a timely manner and please stay in contact with us. I not only have to take service calls but run the basics of the business.

The customers who get the best service from us, work with us to get the job done. My advice is to not leave messages on my voice mail as the only contact, try to reach me on the phone when I am available to talk.

    If you are out of my service area and asking for advice, if you can please send me a donation to help offset my costs. I take Pay Pal or you can send donations to:

Scott Meenen
9070#L Moonshine Hollow
Laurel Md

Thanks Scott Meenen

    Check out my internet radio show Saturdays from 4-6pm Broadcast on  Liberty feed Radio.

Click here to add yourself to an e-mail reminder list so I can let you know in advance that there will be a broadcast and you won't miss it.

Run down of my contacts:

  1. Scott's Internet Phone which forwards to my new cell phone if I don't answer; 301-591-1646 as well as a friend who can take calls.
  2. Scott's E-mail jsmeenen@toad.net
  3. Gerald's E-mail finster@toadmail.com
  4. Forest Grauel's E-Mail flgrauel@smart.net
  5. Scott's AOL Instant Messenger=n3sjh
  6. add to buddy list.
  7. Gerald's Instant Messenger =Finster1800
  8. Fillout forms

  9. This text written by: Scott Meenen * G & S Mechanical
    "When good service is not good enough..."



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